Monday, May 11, 2009

You Wait!

Mothers' Day has been and gone here but this is a poem inspired by
meme which is

I asked another blogger if I could use her mother's words in a poem and now I've forgotten who she was! Let me know if it was YOU!

(A slightly skewed view of Mothers' Day.)

We have all heard the words of The Mother, whether we were deserving or not!
They have echoed around in the ether since the days that we slept in a cot.
And I've recently, blogging, discovered, that maternal advice is the same
Regardless of land or location, regardless of nation or name!
'Your room is a pigsty!' Remember! You must have heard that in your time.
As though just a few items of rubbish could count as a capital crime!
'Do I look like I'm made out of money?'  No answer expected for that.
We'd just asked for a luxury item; we'd asked but she'd turned us down flat.
'Don't make me come up there!' she'd bellow, in response to some terrible lapse.
(We'd tramped some wet mud on the carpet or smashed her best teapot, perhaps!)
'Wipe that smirk off your face!' Were we smirking? We just had a small facial tic!
'You wait till we're home!'  That was threatening! And we just weren't winning a trick!
'When I was your age…….' That was frequent. (Her childhood had been oh so quaint!)
But it seemed she'd had been such an angel, a paragon, even a saint!
'Do you live in a field?' What a question? We'd just left a door open wide!
And we were engrossed in some item that was always located inside.
Oh, we heard her, we heard her, The Mother; her words echoed loud, echoed long.

But it was a bit of a worry when we started to sing the same song! 

Another universal view of Family Life here:


Tammy Brierly said...

I really enjoyed reading this Brenda and your haiku below. Thank you for your kind words.

Unknown said...

Good point: it is a universal mindset. And it's important as you point out that it's not always the most glamorous of jobs. Moms everywhere should be proud.

Kat said...

Was grinning ear to ear, reading this poem.

We never catch the young one's doing things right, isn't it - and appreciate them?