Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ruth's Train!

Mrs Nesbitt published this delightful photograph on her blog today. 


Simplicity! The church, the flowers, the decorated pews!
This is not a wedding that will feature on the news!
This is a Country Wedding, private to a degree;
There's absolutely nothing here for the world at large to see.
Just well-loved relations and friends from down the street.
Everything that's local, familiar and sweet.
No Papparazi hanging round! No hoards of screaming fans!
No TV commentators demanding future plans.
No helicopters overhead, whirring to get a view,
No nosey Parkers finding out what she wore for 'something blue'.
A beautiful Country Wedding, delightfully serene.

But look at that train!

Some country boy is marrying a Queen!

A poem I wrote for another wedding here:


mrsnesbitt said...

Oh Brenda, truly excellent!

Q said...

You are delightful. So glad I found you. Thank you and thanks to ABC Wednesday!

Janie said...

I love simple country weddings, and this one looks delightful. I enjoyed the poem. True, the bride does look like a queen in that dress and train.

Kat said...

mmmm... so the Country boy by marriage, would become the King..?!!!