Saturday, May 16, 2009

Black Swan

seems to have arrived early!
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The summers over in Perth are extremely hot. We saw this Black Swan, the emblem of the city, cooling-off in the shadows.


Black is not ideal for feathers
When faced with Perth's inclement weathers!
I don't refer, of course, to rain;
It's the wretched sun that brings such pain!
Along the roads, when the sun is bright
Nearly every car is white;
They know  reflection helps a lot
In this hot and sunny spot.
But I'm the icon of the city!
They think my colour strange but pretty.
They like to have me on display
Even on a blazing day.
So I seek shadow, I seek shade,
Until the daylight starts to fade.
Then you'll find me swimming by
Under a pale and cooling sky.

Feathers with a difference here:


Margaret Gosden said...

How interesting that Perth has a Black Swan as an emblem - I just watched a 2 minute video on YouTube by Thom Yorke you might enjoy - Black Swan, abstract with music. ( I googled Black Swan to find him, being interested in black swans).
He did a 2 minute one on Parabola, too, but that was too tortuous and too long for my liking.

Anonymous said...

Alas, I saw these only in a zoo enclosure( in New Mexico, of all places ). Of course, I had to get some snaps! 'Tis a beautiful bird and cool poem,RR!

Kat said...

The "Pain and Pride" of the Black Swan brought out so well..!!