Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Watery Wonder!

Lake Eyre from the air.
The birds arrive!

You can't get a bigger water-event than this!

I'm sure I'll never go there; it's much too far away,
Isolated, desert-dry, remote.
And, surely, if I went there, which I know I never will,
I wouldn't think to take along a boat!
But this year Lake Eyre's flooding! It's been bone-dry for years!
Four times in a century it floods!
And suddenly the desert's come alive with living things
And the sand is sporting grass and sprouting buds.
And somehow, all the bird-life from a thousand miles away
Has heard of the phenomenon and flown
To enjoy the precious water and to breed along the banks
And to claim a part of Lake Eyre as is own.
It really is a miracle! It's here and then it's gone.
It's so wonderful and yet so very rare.
It gives hope to Australia at this time of great drought.
It's a symbol of deliverance.....Lake Eyre.
The Lake Eyre basin. 
"As drought keeps a vice-like hold on areas of south eastern Australia, the rivers are running strong through the arid centre of the continent, transforming the region. Water is now steadily spreading across Lake Eyre, for the first time in decades. Where ever the water has flowed it has triggered enormous pasture growth and bird breeding events."

A mythological view of Australia's waters here:


Pacey said...

Beautiful, both the photo and the words that says all about the lake. Great job!


I adore the shot of the birds! That is really neat! And that is a lot of them! Great shot!

Anonymous said...


Guy D said...

I love the shot of the Lake, outstanding.

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betty-NZ said...

That is an awesome shot! I can't manage to get so many birds at once!

Kat said...

Well versed the WATERY WONDER!

Seeing the birds picture, wondering how they fly together without colliding..!!!