Saturday, May 16, 2009

Must You?


When did all this kissing start
(Of which I don't want any part)?
When did the stern and steady Brits
Start these kissy-kissy fits?
When was it that this double-kissing
Filled a void we'd not been missing.
I like my friends, I'm even fond,
But kissy-kiss goes quite beyond
All that's required of any greeting!
Oh the joy of a smiling meeting!
Half the time they kiss the air
Or get a mouthful of my hair!
When I'm approached by pouting lips,
Something inside me sort of flips!
I back away (though it's not polite)
While uttering welcomes of delight!
Hypocrisy is my undoing
When it comes to all this friendly 'wooing'.
Not brave enough to say 'Get off!'
I give a little nervous cough,
Pretend I'm otherwise engaged,
And no doubt leave the 'friend' enraged.
The French have always kissed like this;
They invented the kissy-kiss.
They're used to offering 'the other cheek'
But I feel quite a sense of pique
When good old Brits get Frenchified
And kissy-kiss from side to side.
Next time,(my strategy is planned....),
I'm going to damn well shake your hand!

Another unfortunate kiss here:


Margaret Gosden said...

Somehow I always thought it was me that didn't want to engage in that kind of greeting, that it was a part of my British reserve to prefer a handshake, unwomanly as that felt, even stand-offish! Nicely said. And, today, I can think of other reasons for not kissing, never knowing if a germ or two is being exchanged!

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

I don't like to shake hands, either. I think the Asians have the right idea with the bow.

It show respect, but never a germ shall meet:)

Kat said...

Was thrilled with that side upper jab They're used to offering 'the other cheek'

a real research on kissology..!!!

Kat said...

another idea came....

if people love only kissy greeting, perhaps the 'flying kiss' can be made official. It'll be germs free.

of course, people got to aim carefully before despatching it:)))