Thursday, May 28, 2009

That'll Be the Day!

Shades of Buddy Holly! Or is it?


That'll be the day!
That glimmer of light,
Creeping through the curtain
Though it's still night.
That'll be the day!
With all it's cares,
Creeping up on me
To catch me unawares!
That'll be the day
For paying bills,
Being late for buses,
Catching chills!
That'll be the day
For unblocking drains,
Forgetting things
And scrubbing stains!
That'll be the day!
If I bury my head
Can I pretend 
It's night instead?

It was even worse here:


Nessa said...

Very nice. I love to block out things.

Jinksy said...

Good heavens, we are on the same wavelength! Hope you sleep better when the night time comes round again. x

(Word verification is 'persuar'...)

quilly said...

For me that's about everyday -- the morning part at least. Or is that mourning?

Unknown said...

Some projects were just never meant to be done. The problem is, if you are thinking about them at night, your unlikely to get the rest you need to get them done. Do them, and then good rest follows!

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Wonderful post, I agree that first bit of light that creeps into the room. When it happens I know my Haimish or Alexander will be in to see if I am getting up to fill the dishes.

Yes a start of a new day, full of surprises.

Thank you for sharing.

I've made a link for you at my place so everyone can find your wonderful blog.

starbender said...

I love to see the first light of day, and the last light of night.
Both are Awesome & a gift from God.

Melli said...

I, too, like to crawl back under the covers and pretend! (just for another hour... or two.)

LA Nickers said...

Oooooh, yeah.

Keep on writing! I love the poems you post!

Ha! Captcha quote is:

get in e


Kat said...

You've written about one of the biggest pleasure on earth :)))

If I bury my head
Can I pretend ....