Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I must stop looking at

I find them all irresistible! 


With what meticulous care
She had coiffed her lovely hair!
And brushed her lashes, till they framed her eyes!
She'd worked for hours on lips
And delicate finger-tips,
And her dress had been right colour and right size.
She had brooded over shoes;
Which ones should she choose?
Flat shoes, maybe, to make her look petite?.
She had chosen her perfume
So it's fragrance rocked the room;
It managed to be passionate but sweet.
The matter of  bouquets
Had taken several days
For Mother had opinions of her own,
And the little bridesmaids dresses,
(So they both looked like Princesses,)
Had been made to set exactly the right tone.
They all said, when she arrived,
That she'd certainly contrived
To make herself a picture of perfection,
And her bridegroom felt so proud
When they turned round to the crowd,
And she smiled a painted smile in their direction.
But then, a fickle breeze
Came cavorting through the trees
And tossed her veil and hair in disarray.
And everybody said
As the wind whirled round her head
That she'd never looked so lovely the whole day.

A romance that ended less happily here:


starbender said...

Dr. John sent me from his great stories to read your beautiful poetry. I enjoyed this one very much.

Beth P. said...

Oh that frisky wind!
Always has its way--

Loved this!

Darlene said...

Often when things go wrong that's when the best things happen.

Ryan said...

Great poem! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, I appreciate it.

Kat said...

Nature has its way
in making everyone look beautiful..!!!!