Friday, May 22, 2009

The Perfect Foundation!

publishes a delightfully dated photograph today!

I was reminded of a real-life experience of some years ago; I thought I'd join the Sweet Adelines (a female version of a Barber Shop Quartet) although I very quickly realised that neither my voice nor my attitude came up to scratch. Since the Sweet Adelines originated in the U.S. an American expert came to give us a pep talk.

I once was a Sweet Adeline,
Though I didn't last very long.
The singers each side of me winced
Whenever I burst into song!
But, during my stay with the group,
We were lectured by some learned dame
Who visited us from the land
From whence all Sweet Adelines came.
She told us the way we should stand;
She told us the way we should dress;
She told us the way we should breathe
And I took it all in, more or less.
But I was dumbfounded to hear
The words that she finally spoke;
Indeed, I felt sure, for a while,
That she must have been making a joke!
'When it comes to a really good choir
We can never leave one thing to chance;
Your lipsticks must match, that you know,
But so must your bras and your pants!
Have a day out and buy a new set
Make sure that they're matching and lacy,
So that Norma's are just like Irene's 
And those worn by Mildred and Gracie.
Your choir will win such accolades,
You might get a standing ovation!
Your undies must match, though unseen,
For they are the perfect foundation!'
Another underwear episode here:


Monda said...

I am HOWLING! Never suspected the Sweet Adelines had matching underthings. I'll never be able to look any of them in the eye again!


Kat said...

Grinning like a Cheshire kat reading about the recommended dress protocol of the "Sweet Adelines"

Not sure if I'd be able to listen to a Choir team,without thinking about the rules that go with it :))))