Sunday, May 10, 2009

Goodbye Kiss.

comes up with the goods again!

What's she kissing that man for?
I'm the one she should adore!
I am quite ashamed of her;
She's even ruffling his fur!
He's just a nasty human bloke;
I'm the one that she should stroke!
I've seen her sitting on his knee
And then there is no room for ME!
All this passion is quite stirring!
I'm sure that I can hear her purring!
Now she's nuzzling his neck!
I don't mind sparing him a peck,
But when it comes to love undying
That is what I am suppling!
Now she's sobbing, weeping tears,
Reinforcing all my fears!
How dare he make my darling cry!
I'll scratch him! Then he'll say goodbye.
Oh, he's said it! So has she!
That seems very odd to me.
Did I hear that strange word 'war'?
Is that what she's crying for?
I'm in a state of feline bliss!
I think this is a Goodbye Kiss!
So, darling, look in my direction.
I'll supply you with affection!
Let him go! Give him the sack!
With any luck he won't come back.

Another more famous farewell here:

1 comment:

Kat said...

How well you've portrayed a Kat's heart sufferings. One of 'the' best poems :))))