Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Colin!

Our old friend, Colin, has just celebrated his 80th birthday, in Wales.

When we reach the age of eighty
Then we feel the years are weighty.
But, dear Bloggers, take a look,
At our friend Colin  Easterbrook!
Here he is with kith and kin.
Some things we lose.
Look what we win!

Another view of birthdays here:


annies home said...

happy birthday to your friend it is grand to live to 80 and have great friends

tapirgal said...

Hello, and thanks for visiting me (porcupines). The second one is cuddly. They're both cute :) I love that pic of the Trojan horse.

Unknown said...

They are introspective days for sure, but the chronological trappings are a trap from seeing the bigger meaning. You can never look back (or shouldn't) ... it's a vertiginous vortex that will sap your thoughts out of the present. Nice poem as always.

Kat said...

Your friend's won trophies sure look proud..!!!