Tuesday, May 12, 2009

White Elephant



It's such a pleasant place to shop, tree-lined, and traffic-free;
Hunter Street Mall which lies between the river and the sea.
There are shady little spots where one can rest ones weary feet,
And restaurants which offer quite delicious things to eat.
It doesn't really look like a White Elephant at all, 
But where are all the shoppers in this quiet little mall?
They've gone off to the suburbs, to the Shopping Centres there,
For shoppers show no loyalty; they just don't seem to care.
They'd rather have the jangly-wrangly atmosphere of centres
Where noise and crowds assault the ears of anyone who enters.
Resuscitation's needed, but who knows where to start?
This corner of our city looks to die of a broken heart.

Another look at central Newcastle here:


Mary Elizabeth said...

Interesting Brenda!
New Shopping centers seem like attrack more people, maybe is the new technology, bigger showcases, brands... who knows.

Mary Elizabeth @ Now and Then

Mari Meehan said...

This too would seem to be a universal problem! Our little main street problem could be solved, or at least helped along - with decent parking!

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about shopping malls. I'd rather go and shot on places like this with open space and little cubbies housing small boutiques.

erin said...

this looks like a wonderful place to shop...i prefer malls/shops with outdoor coridors...so much more interesting and so lovely when the weather is nice. my favorite outdoor-ish mall is fashion island in newport beach california. it was ahead of its time in 1970s and almost bellied up and today it is beautiful and popular again :) it has a view of the pacific ocean.

Arija said...

Our city centre was dieing a lingering death because of the huge confusing shopping centres, nut the city fathers in their wisdom allowed lots more resturants and planted shady trees and roses and icreased parking and now all the yuppies sit in street cafes.

ninja said...

That photo made me instantly crave iced coffee.

MaR said...

This looks like a wonderful place to go shopping. I only like the indoor malls when they remain the only alternative, weatherwise :)
Happy Tuesday!

Jenn said...

How sad for Hunter Street Mall... I personally would prefer to lounge around in this mall if they have what you say they have. Love wide open spaces.

Susan at Stony River said...

I love the Main Streets and town centres best, but it seems shopping centres are everywhere--too bad for those of us who don't drive! I think the world was a better place when the shopkeepers knew our names, sizes, and favourite colours, and there was always time to enjoy the day out.

Loved your photo, and your rhyme!

Clara said...

It's such a pretty street. It's sad that we all seem to flock to the big shopping centers at the edge of town. I hope they start coming back.

Kat said...

But then if all the shoppers turn up here, it'd become another crowdy place?