Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dance Macabre!


What, I ask, is the appeal
Of the macabre and the unreal?
The Gothic craze just leaves me cold.
Yet many love it, I am told.
Skipping about at dead of night,
Eyes all black and face all white!
Hovering nightly quite undaunted
In graveyards which may well be haunted!
Dyeing ones hair as black as jet
And keeping a werewolf as a pet!
Dancing about among the stones,
Undismayed by shrieks and groans!
Wearing black, a sign of grief;
Sobbing into a handkerchief.
Piercing oneself in various places
Much more intimate than faces.
Choosing purple lipstick, too!
A terribly funereal hue!
Dracula is Patron Saint!
Not a semblance of restraint!
These Gothic types are always young,
And they must be highly strung!
They haven't learned that it's a crime
To look for Death before its time!

A little Gothic of my own here:


Arija said...

I absolutely love this poem of yours that so well portrays the ghoulish cult following of so many young people. Like your punch line as well as so many others too numerous to mention.

Akelamalu said...

Dr John sent me he said you write great poetry and you do. I like it so much I thought I'd write a short response, in verse of course. :)

Our DIL, when we first met,
Shocked us to the core.
She wore all black and had some piercings in her ears and more.

We didn't know what to make of her look, we thought that she was wierd.
The moral of this story is appearances shouldn't be feared.

Jeni said...

Dr. John, in his excellent wisdom, said there was some great poetry to be found here and I see that by following his instructions, he was not wrong!
Loved this poem and especially the conclusion as I've often wondered too about those who love the gothic stuff.

Melli said...

BrAvo!!! I like your poem - and your title! You've had quite an interesting life too from the wee brief of your profile!

Dr. John sent me to tell you how much he enjoys your blog! He's a real sweety, you know!

Anonymous said...

RR you've summed it up well( from what I've seen out there ) and nice sombre back-ground music!

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

I appreciate the message in your last line, too!

P.S. My house is probably as dusty as yours:)

Kat said...

Last line makes sense. Its funny to search for death, before time. And that too in this ghoulish manner..!!!