Monday, May 18, 2009

The Search-Party

The original title was 'TROUBLE IN MIND'

The original photograph (copyrighted) which can be viewed at the site above, is much more evocative than mine, but the narrative suits both shots.

The search-party!
It's here!
How long can I crouch here,
Cold from the water,
Cold from
How long? How long?
They have already found him.
Before they find me?
And then?
I didn't mean to kill him!
.......No-one will believe that!
I shall say it was playful wrestling.
Well, it was, in a way.
Or was it?
It started out that way.
But I was foolish to slap him!
His eyes changed,
His mouth tightened,
He looked threatening.
'Did he threaten you?'
They'll say.
All he said was
'You shouldn't have done that.'
'I wouldn't call that a threat'.
'It was the way he said it.'
'I suddenly felt afraid.
I pushed him, two hands against his chest.
He fell back
Against the rock.
I felt sure he was dead!
I panicked.
I picked up the rock.
Already I was behaving like a criminal!'
'And where is this rock?'
'I threw it in the river.'
'Would that be when you rolled him into the water too?'
' I was an idiot!
I thought it would look less....... incriminating.....
A drowning'.
'How did you feel 
When he screamed as he hit the water?'
They're here.
I may as well stand  up and meet them.
Now it all begins.

Real-life crime and punishment here:


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Your dialogue poem suits the image nicely! It's also a nice surprise because it's usually the other way around. The boy killing the girl by "playful" wrestling.

Kat said...

Aha, with a bollywood music behind that poem and scene.... would've made us reach the seat edge.

the build up was exciting..!!!