Sunday, May 10, 2009


How's this for a tiddly SHADOW SHOT?
Actually photographed on a Wine-tasting outing recently! But I only had one! Honest! And I know * should be 'I'  but I was 'unwell' at the time!


The shadow of a vine
Looking rather fine
But I'd been drinking wine!
We'd been tasting different brands
Holding glasses in our hands.
Wines from distant foreign lands.
Wine-tasting on a spree.
My giddy friends and me;*
Now what's this I can see?
Is there one vine or two?
Is the shadow false or true?
How I do wish that I knew!


Guy D said...

Outstanding post as always Brenda.

Regina In Pictures

Hey Harriet said...

Great tiddly shadow shot and a wonderful poem. I loved that story about how you were placed right next to your friend in the SSS collage. It really is a small world!

I noticed that you are on Elizabeth's Haiku Festival list so I'm looking forward to popping back in to read yours :)

Kat said...

That was great.....

with that hiccupy poem, we hit a high..!!!!