Sunday, May 24, 2009


          Mary Cassatt

this week.


I told you Maudie Randall was a scream!
I asked you round to meet her for yourself.
She acts just like the cat that's got the cream,
But it's certain that she'll end up on the shelf!
I told you that she wears the oddest clothes!
That tippet is so out-of-date my dear!
Can you see that little pimple on her nose?
They say her father is an engineer!
Yes! 'In trade'. 'New money'! Think of that!
I felt some pity when I met her first.
But, Ruby, just look how she wears her hat!
And she drinks her tea as though she has a thirst!
(Don't giggle in your cup! It isn't nice.
Though I can scarcely stop a little smirk!)
I've met her awful parents once or twice;
It must be dreadful when one has to work.
She never had a Nanny, so they say!
Now that's a really horrible admission!
It isn't too surprising that today
She looks in such a lower-class condition!
I only asked her round so you could see
How there are people different from us two.
I'll never ask her here again for tea!
I'll never even say a 'How'd'ye do!'
But I thought that we could have a bit of fun,
 Drawing her out and laughing in our tea.
After all, dear Ruby, when all's said and done,
Not everyone can be like you and me.'

Another tea-party here:


Dee Martin said...

I love this. I can picture the ladies having tea, the uppity one looking as ridiculous as Maudie with their noses in the air - great fun :)

Patty said...

Do you have your poems published in a book? You should think about it if you haven't. We have a three day week-end here in the states. Monday is considered Memorial Day. We use to always celebrate it on the 30th of May and what ever day it fell on. Now a days, they combine it into a three day week-end. And since May 31, would mean they would be using June 1st. they are doing it this week-end. Of course most gasoline stations raised their price on Thursday, knowing there would be people traveling over the longer week-end. I would imagine they do the same in your country. Have a nice week-end.

Kat said...

The whirring inside the lady's mind in picture - captured so well poemically.

Grandma said...

I've always pictured tea as such a relaxing time. You've made it downright dangerous. LOL

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i beati said...

love the graphic