Saturday, May 9, 2009

In Memory

My Father's memorial in the grounds of Newcastle Cathedral.
His name was H.R. Gillbert.
(He was so proud of the 'double ell'!)

Our family in earlier days.
Mollee, Mum, Dad and Me.

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My father and I were never close
He was a deeply religious man
And I was a frivolous disappointment.
A disappointment that was never hidden.
We found it difficult to converse at times.
I was my mother's daughter.
My father died
When I was heavily pregnant and in Africa.
I sent flowers.
I felt sad.
I knew something momentous had occurred.
But the purchase of a headstone
Never entered my mind.
Years later, 
On holday in England,
I went to visit his grave
With my cousin.
We could not find it!
The graveyard was unkempt,
My conscience smote me.
On my return to Australia
I dedicated a stone to his memory
In the Newcastle Cathedral grounds.
He would have been pleased.
He would be pleased
With this poem too.

That poem was heartfelt; this one is tongue-in-cheek:


Reyjr said...

:) Im sure he would be.

Anonymous said...

I know your father would appreciate the poem, RR. Just got back from a long trip to see my father's grave. Pretty emotional. I've gotten some snaps up on Photobucket and will have a link up, anon. Now if I can just put into words something positive about him...I find encouragement in your poem here and will try my best...thanks!

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

What a beautiful tribute to your father, Brenda. I'm sure he would be very pleased about both gestures.

And, I love seeing that black and white photo of you and yours!

George S Batty said...

I believe your father is very proud of you and would give up his spot in heaven to hold your hand and tell you he loves you. Good writing
Old Grizz

anthonynorth said...

A lovely, honest, tribute.

Kat said...

However rebellious you might have been...

I think your father would've loved you. Poem or no poem, headstone or no headstone.

p.s. only a father knows another father's heart..!!!