Friday, May 22, 2009

Where Am I?

suggests the topic

I am a Worrier, but not quite as befuddled as the poor creature in the illustration.


'Where is 'Myself'?' I often ask
When I'm alone and brooding,
Not bothered by a noisesome task
That irks me by intruding.
The tangled branches of my mind
Are overgrown with mosses!
Although I search I cannot find
The gains or lose the losses.
I think 'Myself' behind my eyes,
Yet science tells a story
Of nothing cerebral or wise...
Just meat, that's grey or gory.
I worry that it's all a maze,
That's set-up to entrap me!
I fear that, in so many ways,
Fate will come up and slap me!
I worry that I'll grow so small
I'll fade into illusion, 
 Maybe I won't exist at all!
Confusion! Oh Confusion!

Another introspective poem here:


Roan said...

...and so goes life. Well said!

Americanising Desi said...

what a story in a prompt !!

Happy SS

Marja said...

wow very smart I got completely tangled up in this

Dee Martin said...

"Fate will come up and slap me!" doesn't it though? Wonderful!

Dorinny said...

I love it :) You have a wonderful grasp of rhyme, meter and imagery. Thanks for this :)

linda may said...

What a prolific writer you are Brenda. I didn't know there were so many prompts out there. I sang along to plastic, nodded my head to your snobby tea party, smiled at your grandchildren, and hoped that I didn't get too lost with worry.

Kat said...

Good confusion ..!!!!!

Its just that we shouldn't get entangled amidst the trees, but rise above to see the Forest..!!!