Sunday, May 31, 2009

Silver in Spring

                                            Carl Larsson



A silver birch,
Queen of Trees.
So delicate
One wonders if it can bear
The heaviness of snow
That has fallen on its branches!
So stark, you've been.
So fragile, so colourless,
Throughout winter.
Your silver has faded
Into the background music.
The white of snow,
The weight of snow
Has overwhelmed your silver
With brilliance.
You have seemed grey.
Yet not just grey;
You have seemed wispy, untidy, bedraggled
And shapeless.
The pines have dominated you.
Yesterday we perceived green.
It was not really seeing.
When we tried to focus
The colour faded.
Had we really seen it?
It could have been a mirage
In the desert.
But this is no desert.
Today we see reality.
The shoots are real,
Tiny tendrils reaching upward.
The leaves are real,
Little plates ready to receive
The meal;
The meal of heat, sun, splendour.
Tomorrow you will be a tree,
Full of green,
Etched against the blue.
Your silver will sparkle.
You will take your place as
Queen of Trees.

Spring in another place here:


Melli said...

Birch trees... I love them! I think they are stately... almost majestic.

Kat said...

Queen of poems writes about 'Queen of trees'.

That's a nice picture of you in your teenage :)))