Monday, May 11, 2009


If you visit this website you will see a truly haunting photograph relating to this topic.
It inspired the following piece of nonsense but it is, in fact, a very moving shot.


I was abandoned on the voyage and nobody has missed me yet!
I'd no idea till this disaster that I was easy to forget!
They packed the spacecraft full of space-stuff, mirrors, packages and such,
But when it came to a 'merely human' no-one seemed to bother much!
I was tying a shoe-lace when it happened, bending down as one always does,
When I suddenly realised doors were slamming! Then the engine gave a buzz!
Then it gave a tremendous shudder and flames shot out from fore and aft.
I was looking up at a tiny speck that had been, till now, my Mother Craft!
The speck then faded into nothing.  All I could see was that dear old Earth,
That place with all the trees and water! That lovely place that gave me birth!
I looked around at an icy desert! I'd become The Man in the Moon!
I'm feeling rather cold and hungry!
I hope they  come and find me, soon!

Visit this blog to learn of a more ancient view of the moon:


James Parker said...

Brenda, I often read your material on EPTAS and it is very good. Today's contribution of "Abandoned" is certainly not nonsense...but it is delightful and enjoyable...and it could be read from Nancy's site. We can lood at the headlines for serious and depressing stuff, but, if we can bring a bit of humor or a smile to someone through our writing we have enriched ourselves and others. Keep up the good work..and I invite and would be honored to have you visit my sites..possibly submit a writing to Windows to the Words for this month's "Sunrise/Sunsets" topic? Anyway,, thanks again for your delightful poem.

L.Holm said...

LOL. Love it!

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Brenda: This is not nonsense. It's what you were inspired to write from the image. Actually, if I were to read your piece before the painting, I would consider the artwork to fit your poem perfectly.

Kind of like Twilight Zone meets Lost In Space:)

Kat said...

A nice poem. It reminds me sadly of our Indian Astronaut Kalpana Chawla... who had a mishap in the space.