Friday, May 29, 2009

The Jury's Out

has jogged my memory again!

The topic?


I've never been called to Jury Duty, though I'm quite an age,
But I was once a jury member in a play upon a stage.
The play was 'Trial by Jury', which was rather apt, I guess;
It was one of the Light Operas written by G. and S.
(Gilbert and Sullivan, of course; I'm sure that's understood.)
I remember thinking, at the time, that it was rather good.
We were an all-female jury and we wore extravagant hats,
While the gentlemen, who were lawyers, wore shiny shoes and spats.
We only had to sit there, giving a frown or smile,
And often bursting into song, in true light opera style.
I can't remember the numbers; it's all so long ago,
But I'm sure today's musicians would find the whole thing slow.
Now, I'm a so-so singer, but dancing's not my thing;
I find it hard to remember words while I hop and prance and spring!
So I remember 'Jury' as a show that fitted my bill,
For I could act my heart out while I was sitting still!

An even earlier venture on the stage here:


Melli said...

LOL! This is great! I'm quite the opposite! I can't sing a note - but theatrical I CAN be! The only problem now days is... I can remember my LINES!!!

Kat said...

went down memory lane, with this poem.

Was once roped in college to do some dance with people on stage...!!!

And I was shivering as I had to do that act in the opening lines..!!

And mercifully, something went wrong with the stage lights and I did that in absolute dark - to my delight :)))))