Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Colour Conscious!

I was asked to write about
but another shade crept in!


If I buy this linen set
Can I be sure that's all I'll get!
I asked for turquoise and that's fine
But the shop-assistant's out of line!
The floral motif's alright with me.
But oh that masculinity!
He takes my mind off linen-shopping.
What if that cushion started dropping!
Though the colour's quite appealing
I really have a funny feeling
That I wouldn't have a hope;
Indeed I know I couldn't cope
With that gorgeous teenage creature!
So manly in his every feature.
And one gets the odd sensation
That he plans a revelation!
This, my friends, is so disturbing
With great effort I am curbing
Thoughts and memories that surge
And with the thoughts of cushions merge!
Let me concentrate, I say,
On domestic things today!
Please don't add this great distraction,
All I want is satisfaction!
Sheets and pillows fill my mind,
But concentration's hard I find.
Although I'm very far from young
I'm known for being highly-strung!
I'm thinking, if you see me frown,
'Shall I choose turquoise or choose brown?'

More colour, more emotion here:


Darlene said...

Tee Hee!! No matter how old we get, we can easily be distracted by a handsome guy.

Kat said...

the advt. guys are out to disturb the concentration of the customers.

Anyway good that the customer is clear that its the linen that's for sale :)))