Sunday, May 31, 2009

Not-so-Small Talk

I read an article some time ago which reported on 'gossip', and I can now announce that female chatter has been discovered to be of far more worth than mere idle verbiage. Evidently, many of the topics discussed by women are very much the stuff of real life. So gab-fest to your hearts delight ladies!


Many men would like to say
That they don't small-talk the female way.
They say we gossip at this and that,
Talk inanity, having a chat.
Whereas,(this is their view), being men
They only discuss things now and again,
And, when they do, they cover ground
Which is always vital and profound.
Politics, they say's a must
So they go at it with stab and thrust.
Sport's another important item;
They chunter-on ad infinitum.
Sex is a topic that get's an airing;
Experience-swapping gets quite daring!
So there you have it, one, two, three,
The sum of men's verbosity.
Whereas we ladies, so I've heard tell,
Discuss a lot and do it well.
Gather together a female group,
Over a lunch of home-made soup,
And the conversation will surge and eddy,
Sometimes dazzling, sometimes steady,
Covering things of depth and meaning,
While, all the while, each one is gleaning
Good advice and information,
With sensitive anticipation.
World affairs, the price of cheese,
What to do should baby sneeze,
The latest title to be read,
How to make lovely home-made bread,
How to cover an antique stool,
How to help Johnny with work from school;
What we think of that young Obama;
How to make a suit of armour....
Well, maybe not that final one,
But the topic does sound rather fun!
On and on in a seamless way
We ladies small-talk our time away.
But scientists at last have found
That girl-talk makes the world go round!

A year old but still apt here:


Mari Meehan said...

How timely! Hub was working in the yard when Word Tosser's husband came to pick her up after our lunch yesterday.

Hub finally saw him waiting patiently in the car and invited him in. "If you think those two are going to have a mere two hour lunch you're crazy!"

When we arrived home we found the two guys sprawled on the couch, comfortable as could be, having a fine time. As had we.

starbender said...

Over the years, I've come to one conclusion, Men gossip MUCH MORE than women... I have seen & heard it way to much to believe anything else.

Jo said...

Well said, Brenda. We women NEED to talk. Two weeks ago I met up with a fellow blogger for the first time. We talked and talked about everything and anything even though we've corresponded about everything and anything for the past five years. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Well done Brenda; 'tis true ,'tis true. Tho' I do find myself doing a lot of the latter here( in the second part ). Is that so wrong? I'd rather be cookin' or readin'

Kat said...

Its wonderful to note that this poem and the scientists atlast have clarified and discovered - what makes the world-go-round a round a round :))))))

p.s. whenever I call home (wife) the tel is always engaged. Today am enlightened