Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Certain Knowledge


Nine-eleven! The world was shattered!
Everything, it seemed, that mattered
Had been destroyed in just one day.
 The world we knew had been swept away.
The news was full of death and woe!
It seemed the only way to go
Was into the abyss that stood
Dividing us from all things good.
But I looked out at this bright view;
A Quirindi paddock! And I knew
That peacefulness and joy existed
And would return when death desisted.
The gentle countryside remained
And wickedness would be contained.
The radio might bark and blare,
And television strip things bare,
But this was reality, not that,
Truth was what I was looking at.


Judy said...

i like the photo - especially in contrast to 9/11! somehow the world should not be changing so completely when the view out the window was so tranquil!!

linda may said...

I love this. Looking ahead and being positive is what it made me feel. Very nicely done.

linda may said...

I feel safe here at home in this country, a great privilege considering the world and it's instability as we have today.I know we are on the list of terrible things that can and do happen in this world. But I feel safe here.

Kat said...

You've captured the sadness so well. Countryside or cityside, peace needs to prevail. said...

Nice words, nice shot.
Here is Mine

SandyCarlson said...

Beauty and peace have indeed prevailed. I enjoyed this. Great visuals in your words!

Mojo said...

I like the distinction between "reality and truth" in this. So often the two are assumed to be the same thing when in fact they aren't. A very compelling point. Very compelling indeed.

Amity said...

beautiful poem Brenda, after the storm is a beautiful calm...a feeling of new beginning, rising from the rubbles of hopelessness...

Pearl said...

it seems tongue in cheek to me. the poem seems to poke fun at media truth of one reductionist fiction and immediate reality being a different subset but neither is Truth. each a respite from the other.

Tammie Lee said...

wonderful Brenda. with time all things change, often trying to find balance.

Tumblewords: said...

A superb look at cognizance. Your talent is top notch.