Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Elbows to the Rescue!

This very apt illustration refers to Upper Sleeve; I have called it Elbow.


With Swine Flu on the rise, here's a very vital hint:
Some of you may heed it if I get it out in print.
Cough into your ELBOW and not into your hand.
Cough into your SLEEVE! Remember hands are banned!
If you cough into your elbow the germs will simply lie there;
With no access to a body they will wither up and die there.
If you cough into your hand the germs will live for quite a time
And passing on the germs these days is almost like a crime.
You may transfer these germs to a handle or a book,
Into the food you're serving, into the food you cook!
Your germs may not be Swine Flu, they may just be something mild,
But who wants to take a risk with some susceptible small child?
Help stop the spread of Swine Flu in this very easy way
And then we all will live to tell the tale another day.

A cautionary tale here:


Anonymous said...

Hi Mum, I'm going to print this one out and put it in the reception area at work!



Kat said...

With this procedure, looks one can't hug :(((