Wednesday, May 27, 2009

King Goblin.

A cobalt vase.
Modern cobalt miners in Africa.


It happened in old Germany centuries ago
When miners dug for silver in the earth.
Silver was a precious metal everyone desired
And it was treasured for its certain worth.
Now the miners had some problems as they worked there underground;
There was something there that seemed to cause a block,
And they named the problem 'kobold', meaning goblin, evil sprite,
And they said this 'kobold' lived within the rock.
The mines were way deep underground, where air was hard to find,
Men were working in unpleasant airless tombs,
And the 'kobold' causing trouble added greatly to their pain,
As it gave off evil gases, noxious fumes.
Then, in the eighteenth century a chemist called George Brandt
Said 'kobold' was a metal coloured blue,
And he christened it 'King Cobalt' for he found it coloured glass
With a deep and almost indigo-dark hue.
So now we see 'King Goblin' in delightful ornaments;
In vases, bottles, every kind of glass.
No doubt the King of Goblins has a chuckle to himself
To think such magic ever came to pass.

A tragic poem about colour here:


Anonymous said...

Dr. John sent me to escape the zanniness of Pigeon Falls and I really enjoyed this. Well written and I'm glad that the magic came to price and that the King of Goblins had a nice chuckle :) Aloha

quilly said...

History, mythology and rhyme! You ARE a teacher -- and obviously very good at captivating attention. Dr. John sent me to read a poem and comment and I have been hopping through your blog archives reading this and that and -- now I have to hustle or I'll be late for work!

I've just added you to my feed reader. I'll be baaaack!

Nessa said...

Dr. John sent me. Actually, I escaped from one of his many dungeons and came here for refuge. I love cobalt and your story is really neat. Dr. John was right. You have lots of lovely poems and interesting ideas.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Interesting post about the mines, where I used to live it was Coal Mining that was done. No evil spirits but lots of dangers anyway.

Wonderful blog, found by Dr John's Fortress
He suggested we come by and say hello and introduce ourselves.

If you have a chance stop by my blog and have a visit

regards, bill

Vicky said...

Dr. John sent me too. And with a name like
Rinkly Rimes, I had to see for myself. Very lovely blog!

Baron's Life said...

Dr.John Dr.John sent me over so I can learn how to properly write for a blog...he hasn't looked at his blog...has he now...
I enjoyed your posts...very well written...will be back.

Kat said...

Bryantics is really a mine of information :)))