Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The story of Rupert Brooke, his love of England, his emotive poetry and his death in the Great War, is well-known. Every red-blooded young girl of my era was in love with the idea of this handsome but doomed poet. Some of us still are.

Less well-known is
who is a poet freak like me.
She has just introduced us to a new verse-form. It is called a 'Minute' because it has sixty syllables so it takes sixty seconds to perform*. So I've had a go.


'And is there honey still for tea?'
Such poetry
From Rupert Brook
In any book
Attracts an ex-pat of my type.
Poetic hype!
The words he wrote
Make me emote!
'The clock still stands at ten to three'!
It's bound to be
Telling that time
In lilting rhyme.
From far away in New South Wales
One never fails
To reminisce
With words like this.

Grantchester with Brooke on the left.

*Now she tells me!! 'A Minute should represent a momentary mood or the events of a minute in time!' Oh well, back to the drawing-board!

More nostalgia here:


Wolynski said...

We had poets then, we have rappers now. Beautiful.

Did you see "My Boy Jack" about Rudyard Kipling and the Great War? Very good and very sad.

Arija said...

Nicely done with so many allusions.


Nice and witty. Rupert Brooke does look handsome with his wavy hair and soulful gaze.