Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Road to Recovery

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Sam the Koala became very famous as the symbol of Australia's recent devastating fires.
Since those dreadful days his wounds have healed.


He scampered through the ash and dust,
He scampered through the fire,
He yelped and screamed as the flames took hold
Roaring and growing higher.
And when the fury had passed away
He was left to lick his feet;
Poor damaged feet that were singed and burnt
Still blazing with inner heat.
He scampers now up the old gum tree,
As though he could never tire.
He's been treated by humans who really care.
Maybe he's forgotten the fire.
And the whole world took him to heart, they say,
And they gave him the name of 'Sam'.
If koalas could speak I'm sure he'd say
'What a lucky koala I am!'
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danni said...

i'm so glad sam got looked after, but that picture of such an innocent in bandages is sad, for sure --- perked me up when i read your verse about scooting back up that old gum tree when he was well - great interpretation of this prompt!!!

floreta said...

very cute story and glad for the koala!!

Kat said...

a comforting poem to Sam the Koala. The heart feel sad for the difficulties they would've faced during the ravaging fire.