Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dropped in it!


This gentleman needed a parachute!


Lenny caught a plane to Rome and sat down in his seat,
He always hoped he'd be next-door to someone rather neat.
He couldn't believe his luck when it turned out to be a blonde!
And just the type of curvy babe of whom our friend was fond!
She was engrossed in a novel, and hardly glanced at Lenny.
Well, he wasn't accustomed to being ignored and he wasn't having any.
'I always think it's nice' he said 'To make friends early on;
A little chat about this and that and soon the time has gone!'
The blonde looked up and closed her book with an irritated pout.
'All right' she said 'We'll talk a bit. What shall we talk about?'
Being a bit of a show-off Lenny replied 'We're bright.
We could talk about nuclear fission and shorten a boring flight.'
'That's fine' the blonde  responded 'But first, if you don't mind,
I'd like to ask you some questions of a totally different kind.'
Feeling that this was progress, Lenny said 'O.K.
Ask about anything you like. I'm ready; fire away!'
 'Horses, cows and deer' she said.....'We know they all eat grass,
So why is there such a difference in the manure they pass?
Pellets, patties and muffins emerge from each different beast,
And I don't understand the subtle reasons in the least.
I'd be grateful if you'd give me a simple explanation.'
Well, Lenny was bewildered by the turn in the conversation.
'I haven't the slightest idea' he said, falling into her trap.
She snapped ' You talk about fission! You can't even talk crap!'

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anthonynorth said...

That was funny. I liked it. And I guess he passed away the time with chat anyway.

SandyCarlson said...

That's bringing a guy back to earth in more ways than one!

gautami tripathy said...

Enjoyed reading it! Thanks.

changing orbits

Patois42 said...

Hilarious! Very well done.

Tumblewords: said...

Laughing - love it! Thanks for noticing the image on my blog and for your very fine haiku!

Kat said...

For a change, you've written about an intelligent blonde who doesn't talk crap :)))