Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Gemini

Our little Gemini, Harry


Living fast and furiously, always on the go.
Full of facts and anecdotes; what do you want to know?
The life and soul of the party, with amazing jokes and quips.
Wanting to travel everywhere; always off on trips.
A charmer with the other sex with quite a reputation!
Tuning-in to another's needs; encouraging flirtation.
'What a delight!' I hear you say.'Let me have one of those!
I'd love to live with a charmer who's always on their toes!'
But would you, dear? It seems to me your desire could be misplaced,
Because a Gemini lover can often be two-faced.
They're 'twins' all right; they face both ways and aren't always reliable;
Changed jobs, changed loves. A Gemini could be described as pliable.
With one eye on the main chance, a Gemini can dissemble,
And lead you up the garden path! Does that thought make you tremble?
A Gemini who's bored can have most dreadful sullen moods;
One minute bright and happy; next minute Gemini broods.
But a Gemini at work can be an asset, there's no doubt.
If there's a tricky problem, these folk will work it out.
Voraciously hard-working, and speedy with it too;
A Gemini accomplishes the work of another two!
So, though we find them scary, and view them with alarm,
Geminis will win us round with enthusiastic charm.
Your time is now, dear Geminis! Altough we sometimes doubt you,
The world would be a sorry place if we had to do without you!

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2sweetnsaxy said...

I'm a Gemini and I'm going to say, Thank you! :-)

Jo said...

Happy birthday Harry!