Sunday, January 15, 2012

Looking Back



From the vantage-point of Sunday
I look back at my week.
These photos haven't much to say,
But, at least, they speak.
They speak of a friendly lunchtime break 
In a restaurant by the beach;
Only a short way from our house
And so within easy reach.
The 'at the table' photos
Were really rather poor,
But I rather liked this shot,
Looking out of the restaurant door.

And here's a rather quirky shot 
Of Malcolm leaving the place.
He looks suitably well-fed,
With a smile upon his face.
But glance down at his trousers
And there you will surely see
The funny old photographer
Who was, you've guessed it, me.


Carl was over sixty and in a rather desperate state.
For many months he'd trawled the bars, looking for a mate.
At last he saw a likely lass, looking rather cool,
Perched in a provocative pose, up at the bar, on a stool.
He sidled up, gave her the eye and said his opening line;
'I see you are the girl of my dreams! You're utterly divine!
So where have you been all my life?'
Her answer set him seething.
'A lot of the time' she answered him 'I was busy teething!'


Maude Lynn said...

Out of Sync is hilarious!

vivinfrance said...

You've given us two crackers this time, Rinkly. And a quirky self-portrait! I had to enlarge the picture to see your reflection. What lovely weather you're having.

Susannah said...

I love them both. The second made me smile :-) and the first made me long for sunshine on a cold and frosty morning. I really enjoyed your photos.

Thanks for sharing them with us at I Saw Sunday.

Susannah x

Gemma Wiseman said...

I was going to spin a comment with the word "quirky" but noticed it's already been used! So I'll run with the word "jaunty"! It almost suits! Both poems are such jaunty views of everyday life! The ordinary becomes fascinating and moves to a rollicking rhythm!

Jinksy said...

Sun and fun are a great combination!