Monday, January 23, 2012

Hidden Possibilities

suggests 'possible'


That they were there all the time.
That they were crackling through space
When the dinosaurs walked!
That prehistoric man
Was surrounded by them
In his caves!
That Galileo was immersed in them
And never noticed!
It is as though they were lying in wait.
Just waiting to be discovered.
In our present age they are not considered miracles.
We even cook our food with them!
So what else is there
Not yet discovered?
We judge the possibilities of
By what we know now.
But existence
Is full of


Great, noble, yellow beast;
Predator most feared,
With your gleaming golden eyes
And your straggling beard;
With your teeth as sharp as nails
And your claws to match;
Always on the look-out
For another prey to catch.
With your roar that chills the blood,
And makes us run and hide......
What's this anomaly that I see?
You're  hen-pecked by your bride!
'Did you put the garbage out?'
'Why were you home so late?'
'You always forget my birthday!'
'Call yourself a mate!'
You're even trying to run away!
Your muzzle looks quite pale!
It must be true that the female
Is deadlier than the male!


Kate said...

Love unending possibilities!

Jack Edwards Poetry said...

Two great poems. I especially enjoyed 'Hidden Possibilities' and the use of short sentences and rhetorical question.

Abigail Bunting said...

Quite true..miracles are everywhere...

on paper wings

Kat said...

Hidden Possibilities - Though someone discovered something after the apple fell on the head..... the possibilities with other fruits ' must not be forgotten '..!!!! :-)))

Deadlier than the male - Why write a poem and rub-it-in :-(((

TMTW said...

The first was quarky and flavorful but I enjoyed the second one more.

Nita Jo said...

Two wonderful poems. Especially loved Hidden Possibilities! Like the idea that they're all around us.