Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blue Days


I can't believe a year's gone by
Since Michael came to stay
To soak up the Australian sun
Growing more tanned each day.
Here he is in Greg's swimming-pool,
With Harry and little Max;
A very good place to have some fun
And simply just relax.
This year he's stayed in England,
And, at the moment,it isn't clear
Whether he'll visit us again.
Maybe he will next year.
(He says he reads my blog a lot,
Much to my satisfaction. 
If he reads this personal note
I should get a reaction!)

(On a more serious note)

The enormity created elegance
The bare bones back-lit
Brought grace to the aftermath.
And so we see the monument
Rising of its own volition.


EG CameraGirl said...

I do hope Michael will visit soon!

Margaret Gosden said...

The swimming pool photo is great when enlarged!
The grandsons must have had great fun with him.

And the second photo, your words and image
a beautiful pairing, following so much horror.

Anonymous said...

The proof that I do read your 'blog' every day, and a very nice reminder of the times spent in that lovely pool!
What a beautiful blue colour reflected from the sunshine.
...........and I would love to come and see you again next January if you'll put up with me yet again !!!

SmilingSally said...

Hmm, sounds like Michael is planning on another visit! Thanks for sharing your blues.

Happy Blue Monday, Brenda.

Leah H. said...

Love that water, so blue:)

Visiting for Blue Monday! Here's my share-hope you can stop by:)

Anonymous said...

How neat it is that you take the time,
to comment to Michael in a rhyme.
What wonderful memories and time spent,
While in poetry your heart's thoughts are lent.
That sight of accidental grace, very poignant.
A seriousness in my heart for what it has meant.

I really like the photo and your accompanying verse.

Happy Blue Monday! Jenn