Sunday, January 15, 2012

All For Show?



We are asked to use all the words in the wordle


I contemplate the anchored yachts
As they're lying in the bay.
A charming spectacle they make
But they rarely sail away.
They lie dormant and at ease,
Almost still, just slightly rocking,
As little surface wavelets
Against the sides are knocking.
The harbour's dotted with such craft
But I look for crew in vain
There's no-one reeling in a rope
Or kneeling to scrub a stain.
There's no broad-shouldered sailor-boy
Looking crisply smart
Sniffing eagerly at the breeze
And looking about to start.
The depth of boating expertise,
Is something that I doubt.
A yacht is a status symbol
No rich man can do without!
Their playthings lie in the harbour
And never take to sea.
At least, from observation,
That's how it seems to me.


This is a poster, one of three,
Issued at a time of adversity.
At the time of their printing the British Isles
Were only a matter of a few short miles
From devastation and despair.
Hitler was in France 'just over there',
And he was viewing the other side
Over the Channel, which was hardly wide!
From near where I lived I could view the sight
Of French headlights flashing in the night!
With many others I was sent
To safety far away from Kent.
Then Britain waited for the War
To reach the step of its own front door.
France had been conquored by 'the Hun'
And we knew we were the following one!
The posters lay ready to be displayed
And preparations were quickly made.
Then, quite surprisingly, it started......,
The Battle of Britain! The Lion-Hearted
Young men gave their lives on high,
Sweeping Hitler from the sky.
The War still had many years to go
Before we saw the last of the foe,
But the fear of invasion never returned,
And Hitler's plans had been truly spurned.
So this blue poster was never needed!
It's cheerful message never heeded!
The posters slowly moulded away,
And it seems that none are left today.
And yet I think it was rather fine!
A lovely crisp and clear design.
The repeated use of the little word 'your',
Would have made one feel one could cope with War.
It's a little piece of history
That could have worked, so it seems to me.


Anonymous said...

It's that way (smaller scale)!even on our dippy little impoundment lakes. Pretty boats, just hanging out, waiting for anything to do.

Traci B said...

I like your wordle poem, RR, but I had to hunt for it. The Mr. Linky link at SW didn't work properly.