Saturday, April 23, 2011




Oh how boring it would be
If we all embraced uniformity!
Cloning's not the way to go!
Let's keep our Variety Show.


Somewhere on Earth.
Filmed from Space.
Not a vivid abstract painting
As you may have, at first, thought.
Not something attractive
To hang in the foyer
Of a smart hotel.
A dark blue eye
Seems to watch.
It is watching Toxic Waste!
This red stain
Is a stain on our consciences.
We ourselves
Have painted it.
We painted it
In a state of abstraction,
But it is not an Abstract.
We were half asleep
With the brushes in our hands
And the red paint dripped
And dripped
And dripped.
Till it transformed
The Earth.
Toxic Waste!
What Turpentine
Can erase our Big Mistake?
Lady Macbeth found out the hard way.
'All the perfumes of Arabia'
Were not enough.


genie said...

Your two photographs and the poetry accompanying them gives the viewer much food for thought. I have always marched to my own drummer, so my umbrella would probably have polka dots on it. This first picture and the poem put a smile on my face, but I cannot say the same for the second. It jerked my tired body to attention as I read each and every word you wrote. aEverything you said it so true and its own way very frightening and a real eye opener. Thanks for a fabulous post. Hope you have a grand weekend.

Margaret Gosden said...

Well said!

Kathe W. said...

love the first poem with it's truth and light-heartedness. The second is a reminder of what we have wrought upon this fragile earth.

RNSANE said...

Your second poem was very thought provoking. I, of course, always wonder what a mess we are leaving behind for future generations. I hope my children do better!

Mine is at:

Happy Easter!

forgetmenot said...

What a great poem-the first one. Concise, clever and oh so true. Mickie :)

Dragonstar said...

In photography uniformity can be very attractive, as your photo shows so well.