Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Adam Ant

'adamant, fabricate, peculiar' 


Adam Man with all his wit
Took a thousand years (and a little bit)
To create a skyscraper of size
Capable of scraping skies.
Adam Ant, a lowly creature,
Created, easily, this feature,
Using instinct for a guide
Then busily anted-away inside!
He didn't have to contemplate
Before he started to fabricate!
I find this very odd disparity
A very strange peculiarity!
Big-brained Adam Man out-done
By an insect, a little one!
Maybe we are not as wise
As something a millionth of our size!


Pussy cat! Pussy cat! Where have you been?
I searched in the plant-pot where leaves were so green.
Pussy cat! Pussy cat! That was a trap!
You're stuck there for ever! Oh what a mishap!


Lois Evensen said...

My, goodness, what an ant home!

Lisa said...

Lovely post. I really enjoyed Adam Ant and his masterpiece. Nice take on the prompt.


Lucy Corrander said...

Do not the ants come out and walk on the man?


Deborah said...

So true ... and I loved 'then busily anted-away inside' :o)

Altonian said...

I read somewhere once that if ants were six inches long they would absolutely dominate the earth.
Unlucky for the earth that they're not, because man isn't doing too well with it.

Sheilagh Lee said...

sheilagh Lee said both are such wonderful prose.Loved them

Laurie Kolp said...

I really like the first one... so creative and clever...bravo!

The second one's cute, too.


Jinksy said...

It's worth travelling all the way to Australia for two helpings like this! LOL

VL Sheridan said...

Love the poems. Perhaps man should learn to co-operate better like the ant.

Old Egg said...

It is always a delight to visit your blog and be entertained by your poetry.

Anonymous said...

Extremely clever take on the prompt. Very well done! Vb

trisha said...

a pair of adorable poems. loved both of them. the first for its wisdom and the second for its cuteness.


Unknown said...

As an avid gardener, I've always been impressed by the industry of ants, termites, bees and others. If we could be so productive!
Here's my terribly late addition to the bunch: