Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Laundry Blues

supplied the words in blue.


I do my laundry when I must,
Along with the chore of dusting dust!
I do not long with anticipation
For any domestic situation!
I was born to just sit back
And leave to others the dirt-attack.
All my life I have despised it,
Yet no-one else has realised it!
I think laundry-work's unhealthy;
I'm coming back as someone wealthy
Who finds all laundry-work a bore
And drops her undies on the floor
To be picked-up by a lady's-maid,
After all the beds are made.
I want fresh linen every day
Appearing in a mysterious way
In drawers delicately scented,
When all the washing's circumvented.
I want to slide between clean sheets
(Surely one of life's great treats).
But I emphatically decline
To enjoy hanging sheets out on the line.
Princess Margaret, I've heard said,
Liked clean sheets put on her bed,
Even for a daytime nap!
Give that sensible girl a clap!
I do my laundry when I must
But it makes me feel that life's unjust.

John Wagner


Maxine's American to the core!
It's clear she's very Yanky.
But she's also a Universal 'gal'
With all her hanky-panky.
She's such a liberated soul
So full of flair and fizz,
And, bless her heart, she has a way,
Of saying it how it is!
As for myself, I'm more restrained;
There are things I prefer to hide,
But, take it from me, I'm Maxine,
Way down deep inside!


Anonymous said...

Two incredibly fun poems. I like your approach to laundry and have decided to asopt it myself :)

vivinfrance said...

Your laundry poem: would we all love the life of the wealthy? I'm not sure - I value my privacy! As for Maxine, yes, sisters under the skin.

Donald Harbour said...

I loved your laundry poem. Truly a heart felt expression and delightfully done. Kudos!

earlybird said...

Love the laundry poem! I couldn't agree more!