Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More Amore!

supplied the illustration for a VERY short story!


A Caliph with multiple wives
Said 'I need one with multiple lives!'
Said a servant 'That's fine!
Here is one that has nine!
And her claws will make sure she survives!'


Doris Lee 1935


(An Acrostic)

The air of celebration is something we all feel.
Healthy appetites await a very special meal.
America gives thanks for all its bounty in the past,
No-one has the slightest urge to turn away and fast!
Kitchens all across the land are full of fuss and flurry.
Sisters, mothers, grandmas too are in an awful hurry.
Gravy needing stirring, likewise apple sauce.
Interesting items planned for each and every course!
Vegetables cooked and ready! Someone drain them, please!
Impatience is a virtue on busy days like these!
Not a sign of menfolk! They don't even deign to look!
Get a move on, gentle-men! It's time you learned to cook!

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