Wednesday, April 27, 2011




Which sort of ogle is this?
Macho Man ogles Pretty Young Miss!
Is he eyeing her bust
With a look full of lust
Or just hoping he'll win a chaste kiss?
Does he ogle because he is shy?
Or does every girl catch this man's eye?
A girl's never sure
What the ogling's for!
It's a sort of romantic 'I Spy'!
Should she ogle him back? Not a chance!
She'll just give him an indifferent glance.
It may end in a shrug
Or a meaningful hug.
Hey Ho! It's all part of Romance!


I'm a little bud called Emma.
Let me tell you my dilemma.
I'm a crazy mixed-up kid.
And yesterday I flipped my lid!
All my life I've been a berry
And I find it galling, very.
So I asked a passing fairy
If my biology could vary.
Wished I were a human being
Like the ones that I keep seeing.
I see ladies striking poses,
Pretty eyes and pretty noses.
I see eyes that open wide,
Bosoms worn with human pride.
All I've ever done is grow
How I envied those below.
No-one even looked at me
As I languished in my tree.
So the fairy cast a spell
Humanised me! She did well!
I now have the charming features
Of all those other human creatures.
See my hair. I like the style.
See my Puckish little smile!
See my eyes ! See how I flirt!
See my bosom, full yet pert!
See my nose! (A little long.)
I have wanted this so long!
But I forgot one last request;
Although I may stick out my chest,
To my tree I still am stuck!
Poor old me! I'm out of luck!


Roger Owen Green said...

the game of love is exhausting!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Meryl said...

I love your poems. The first one really spoke to me. I loved how it can mean so many different things and how reading it with the photo can change the meaning.

Great post.

Wanda said...

Very clever... Really think the first one is cute...

Hildred said...

Love your rhymes and the humour and good sense in them....

kat said...

The "Ogle" poem is cute. I love it. Honestly, I opened my dictionary just to look for "ogle" I know what does it means.

Thanks for the ABC comment.

Have a great day.

Joy said...

A very cute berry. That is the problem with wishes I have observed there is always something forgotten. Must remember that in case I'm ever given three of them.