Wednesday, April 6, 2011


supplied the illustration.


It's odd to think the picture here,
Revealing something we hold dear,
Would have been a mystery
Before about 1973!
These little morsels of cheesy crunch,
Nice to nibble, nice to munch,
Wouldn't have been available,
Desirable, attainable!
Because, you see, in that distant age,
Cheezles hadn't become the rage.
They still lived in an inventive mind;
And no deal had been sealed or signed!
'What on earth.......?' folk would have said,
Turning to nuts or fruit instead.
'Little pebbles, painted yellow?
Each one looking like its fellow?
What strange artifacts are these?'
(Never giving a thought to cheese!)



Never mix with chauvinists who judge you by your sex
And never mix with ageists for they are sure to vex.
Surround yourselves with lovely men; there's lots of them around!
Far more than the other sort; at least, that's what I've found.
I never notice men who see my old age and my gender.
I mix with lots of lovely men who just see me as 'Brenda'.

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