Sunday, April 24, 2011


asks us to use a quote from Anon
'When the one whose hand you're holding is the one who holds your heart....'

My offering is somewhat irreverent!


When the one whose hand you’re holding
Isn't the one who holds your heart
Then you've always got to be careful.....
Infidelity's an art.
You've got to get your timing right,
You've got to learn to lie,
You've got to look quite innocent
When one looks you in the eye.
Two-timing can be lots of fun,
If your stamina permits;
It gives rise to variety
And other benefits.
But if the hand you're holding
Is also holding cash,
Too precipitous a move
Can also be quite rash.
So be very very careful,
Before you choose 'the one'.
One little slip and, oh dear me,
You may end up with none!



I didn't take this picture! But the concept caught my eye.
A little boy who's very brave, pretending he can fly!
High up in a sky-scraper, on a strong transparent floor,
He can spread his arms and swoop straight up and hover there and soar.
The buildings way below him look exactly like small toys,
And he knows he is the envy of all other little boys.
Maybe he'll be a pilot and, one day, really fly,
Saying 'When I was a little boy I loved being very high.'


Kerry O'Connor said...

What a clever response to the prompt and so true in every aspect. The irony of the wedding march was the cherry on the cake!

Unknown said...

Awesome write for Carry on Tuesday & cute one for the other picture! Stop in & read True Love

Unknown said...

Your Carry on Tuesday piece is hilarious and original. I felt a bit green with envy at your perspective while reading it. Well done.