Monday, April 25, 2011

The Tender Tap

The young may think this photo shows decrepitude and shame.
'To think the old could act like that! What on earth's their game?
Look at his socks! His underpants! How can he look like that!
Why on earth should anyone want to give him a loving pat?
And her! With her grey hair in a bun and slippers on her feet!
You'd think, at their age, they'd have learnt to be a bit discreet!
And look! He's doing the washing-up! Macho? I think not!
Why don't they creep away quietly, admitting they've gone to pot?'
The young may find this ridiculous, looking through youthful eyes,
But these two have won the jackpot, life's very greatest prize.



I'm sure the Red Hat Ladies are known by everyone
And many have responded to their sense of frisky fun.
We see them in Australia, in their hats and feather boas,
All keen to show the world that though they're elderly, they're goers.
I envy Jenny Joseph* for her words began the movement
Which, to the lives of many, seem to bring about improvement.
I'd love to write a poem that would spread throughout the earth,
Giving rise to fun and friendship and hilarity and mirth!
I'd love to feel that sense of power which gives ones life a meaning,
And feel, through me, all Womankind was prettying and preening!
If I were Jenny Joseph I would feel as proud as Punch
When I saw the hoards of dizzy dames all sitting down to lunch!
Her sentiments are such that every lady of my age
Becomes desirous of a final fling upon life's stage.
I thought of joining-in myself but I thought some more and then
I realised I really like the company of MEN!

*Read Jenny's poem here


Sallie (FullTime-LIfe) said...

Brenda you are an "old" lady after my own heart! The yellow picture is great. And the red hats? Well, after much resistance, I did finally join this year, but neither I nor my husband knew it meant I was giving up the company of men ;>)!! (He being the macho type who doesn't mind if I have lunch out with the ladies every once in a while.)

I believe you will one day write a poem that will go round the world!

Lesley said...

I have never seen any Red Hats, but I wonder how much fun they have. Maybe I will seek them out.

Kay L. Davies said...

I have a friend or two in the Red Hats, and they sure do seem to have fun.
But I think the old couple in the yellow photo are wonderful, Brenda. They remind me of my parents, although Dad wasn't much for doing dishes. LOL
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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