Saturday, April 30, 2011


To think such a curious shadow
Should come from a normal child!
It looks like some sort of creature
One might find in the wild!
Where has that spike come from,
Where has the body gone,
One thin leg and one fat one
As he goes scooting on.
This black and curious demon
Could give one quite a fright,
But we know it's just a distortion
Created by the light.


Naughty grandson, cheeky grin!
He's by the lake and he's just been in.
He's wearing his towel, a sort of cape.
We all said 'No!' but he made his escape!
Into the water, retrieving the ball,
Laughing at us, ignoring us all!
The towel is soaking, likewise the hat.......
But you have to forgive a grin like that!


Bill Lisleman said...

Those were fun. Interesting description of the shadow.

Unknown said...

What fun shots, the first one looks like a Transformer shadow.

Well spotted and captured.

Kathe W. said...

well done my friend! The sun vanished- so my shadow shot is very faint to say the least!

Margaret Gosden said...

A fun shadow, nonetheless!

Gengen said...

Oh everything are very nice... happy SSS!

Anonymous said...

Very fun shots!