Saturday, April 16, 2011

Could You?



I have a wild desire (well, not all that wild really;
I'm addicted to hyperbole; you can see that clearly!)
To print this picture on cardboard and then cut it into bits.
(Do I hear you saying 'Now she's really lost her wits?)
I'd make a jigsaw from it and present the bits to you.
So now, tell me honestly, is it one that you could do?
Would you concentrate on people or on the road outside?
I bet you couldn't finish it, however hard you tried!
So I'll leave it on my blog page just as a 'reflection',
Hoping it will intrigue you if you give it close inspection!


We were sitting in the car
And he turned to me and smiled
And there was nothing sunnier
Than the smile of that small child.
The sun was shining brightly
With it's usual yellow flames,
And Blake was wearing his sunnies
With the golden yellow frames.
But the yellow that was in fashion,
The very latest style,
Was the gold of the warmth that beamed on me
When Blake turned with a smile.

1 comment:

Margaret Gosden said...

It's a great reflection! Because I chose to look out the window, too, this week!