Friday, April 1, 2011

Cabaret Capture



Brown, the colour of fallen leaves,
Dampened into the ground by rain,
And an air of degeneration
And an epoch filled with pain.
The date of this cover is uncertain,
But the thirties come to mind,
When the German psyche was battered
And the future was unkind.
There was a crazy urge to go crazy!
Marlene set the tone.
'The Blue Angel' showed in cinemas
To the wail of the saxophone.
It was as though people actually knew it....
That theirs' was a dying age;
And they went about their living
With a kind of desperate rage.
Maybe it's my imagination;
Mine is only a cursory look.
But, even if I could read German,
I wouldn't want to read this book.


The heaviness of beauty
Falling down.....
Liquid petals; blue-lit magic.

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