Sunday, April 10, 2011

Isle of Man.


Letter 'I'

The Isle of Man is a magical place, set in the Irish Sea,
Near to Ireland and England but with its own identity.
But I doubt that I would have gone there had fate not played a part,
And had not my friend Felicity been in at the very start.
I was her teacher in Africa; her mother was my friend,
Someone of whom I was very fond, right to the very end.
When I returned to England, all of us kept in touch,
And I heard that Felicity married. That pleased me very much.
Eileen, her mother, remarried too, and went to the Isle of Man,
Intending to stay for ever; that was her definite plan.
But, sadly, she and her husband both died.The house was a bequest
To Felicity, in South Africa at her mother's behest.
Felicity has three daughters and two little grandsons too.
Yes, the 'little girl' is a granny! (Oh what the years can do!)
So Malcolm and I went to Ramsey to spend a holiday,
And we found we loved the island  during our pleasat stay.

Unspoilt Charm.
The famous Train which inspired the writing of 'Thomas the Tank Engine.'
The equally famous TT Race,
The symbol which declares
'However you throw me I can run.'

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