Thursday, April 7, 2011

Beeting the Lot!

Question: Do you have a food craving?


Beetroot! Beetroot! Thou art divine!
There is no better taste than thine!
Thy colour is so rich and rare;
A royal colour, I declare!
Thou liest rotund on thy plate.
I cannot wait! I cannot wait!
Ah yes, but where's that hunk of cheese
To drive me into ecstasies?
They speak of truffles with bated breath!
The taste would bore me half to death!
But Beetroot, yes! Thou art divine!
There is no better taste than thine!


I've never seen a wobbegong! They hide away from view.
But here's the proof I live near them, where the seas are clear and blue.
This shot was taken recently at Port Stephens, slightly north,
Where a happy-snapper chanced to see one swimming back and forth.
They're sharks but wont attack us, unless we queer their pitch.
But a bite from their sharp molars would need more than just one stitch!

1 comment:

Beverly said...

Greetings, Brenda. And, thank you for visiting my blog. I apologize that it has taken me a while to visit, but life keeps me crazy busy. I work full time, but gloriously, I have the day off of work today.

Your beetroot poem gave me a big smile. You are amazing! What a great talent you have.

And, guess what! We love beets in our family.