Wednesday, April 6, 2011

is running a poetry competition based on the first lines of Emily Dickinson's poems.
This is my attempt.


I am alive.....I guess.
Unless death feels like this.
Unless the breathing in and out
Is part of eternal bliss.

I am alive....I guess.
Unless non-life feels thus.
Unless the surge of blood through veins
Outlives the living 'us'.

I am alive.....I guess.
Unless my thinking brain
Is destined  for all eternity
To think time and again.

Should immortality
Hold this-ness in its store
How shall I know if I am dead?
Or living for ever more?



I call them Milky Mornings, when everything is still,
And the colour's bleached from everything we see.
When cream and grey predominate, and the air is chill,
And they merge together, clouds and sky and sea.
The atmosphere is gentle; the swimmers in the pool
Plough up and down with hardly any sound,
And the baths, which are so colourful and noisy as a rule,
When jolly people bustle all around,
Are peaceful and reflective with their ripples all subdued
And the dazzle banished with the hiding sun.
I love these mornings for they seem to mirror my own mood;
They're a breathing space before the day's begun.


Dave King said...

Great poem. Are you going to submit it?
We call those mornings "Milk and magnesia" mornings. Same thing. Great post.

Margaret Gosden said...

re Emily Dickinson's poem - I was denied access to this
post when I tried. Nonetheless, I liked your version. I wanted to look at the original, out of interest.