Monday, April 11, 2011

Round the Old Oak Tree



'Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree'
It appears to stand for 'constancy'.
But why and whence the colour yellow?
True, it's pleasant, bright and mellow;
But any other hue would do....
Pink or red or green or blue.
Only in the USA
Are yellow ribbons used this way,
And yet they have, as you will see
A British Puritan history!
The Roundheads, with Cromwell as their chief,
Held a very deep belief,
That life should be simple, devout and pure,
Rather plain and a little dour.
When they fought against the crown,
They wore their working clothes of brown.
None of the trappings that we see
Adorning the hated Royalty.
Yellow sashes were worn for easy sighting
When they were involved in fighting.

So yellow ribbons were a sign
Of morality and the Divine.
The Plymouth Brethren were devout;
For God their hearts were strong and stout,
And when they landed in the USA
They came to dig and delve..... and pray.
From them has come the long tradition
Of the ribbon meaning  a noble mission;
It's wearing signifies chastity,
Loyalty and constancy.
'I have been loyal! I have waited'
That is the message that's now stated.
'Welcome home! You're back with me!
I tied a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree!' 


If only you had humoured me and waited!
If you'd hung around a while and contemplated.
If you'd looked deep in my eyes
They'd have made you realise!
You'd have soon ignored the trouble I created.
Yes, I know I said 'I absolutely hate you!'
I said that, darling, just to aggravate you!
'I wish that you'd drop dead!'
Yes, that is what I said
But I only said those words so I could bate you!
You were supposed to whisper, so I heard,
'My darling girl, I don't believe a word!'
You were supposed to hold me,
To let your arms enfold me,
You were supposed to say 'Don't be absurd!'
But your expression seemed to change instead!
You went white and then you suddenly went red!
It didn't seem quite real
When you just turned on your heel
And then you slammed the door and simply fled!
This being on my own I've always hated!
I just can't cope when life gets complicated!
You should have realised
It was all just love disguised!
If only you had humoured me and waited!

Yesterday Rebecca came round and we all went up to the club for a meal. She brought with her an extra, and belated, birthday gift for Malcolm..... a fleece for the winter. As Blake had also got a new one I got them to pose for me. Malcolm didn't co-operate!

The 'models'!

Blake, who grows taller every time we meet, won a prize in the raffle at the club.


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Annie Jeffries said...

Blake looks like he can make very short work of that yummy Easter bunny. hmmmm, chololate.