Saturday, April 16, 2011




Do you see pink? There is no pink.
There is no pink at all.
You're looking at a mirror
On a sort  of dove-grey wall!
And the ceiling that's reflected
Is an ordinary white!
The pink that's in this picture
Is just a trick of light.
Outside, in the real world,
The evening sun is setting,
And reflections of the sunset
Are what you're really getting.
I looked up from my keyboard
And I was quite surprised
To see the pink world I was in,
With grey and white disguised!


These roses faded long ago
Along this country lane
And I know I'll never pass that way
And see that scene again.
But the little lanes of Letheringham
Still linger in my mind,
And the cottages grow dearer still
With each passing year, I find.
We stayed a while in Letheringham
Maybe ten years ago.
The cottages were very old;
The pace of life was slow.
Life wasn't too convenient;
The 'mod cons' weren't the best;
It was dreary when the rain came down,
And we weren't too impressed.
But, as years have passed, my memories
Have blotted out the rain
And focussed on the timelessness
Of that little English lane.
Old age is a sentimental time.
As many a rhyme discloses
And I often think of Letheringham
And rioting red roses.


Kay L. Davies said...

I love your Letheringham memories, Brenda, and the pink wall that wasn't there is simply amazing.
Your blog is one of the things I missed during our month of infrequent internet access in Europe. Just got back today, Friday. At least, Friday in Canada. Saturday, apparently, in Australia.
Um, I think it's time for a nap.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Kathy said...

That's pretty amazing - lovely shade of pink too!
Happy Pink Saturday,

Jeri ~ said...

I can imagine your surprise at seeing such a pretty pink wall!!

Love the poem!

Christine said...

Your so good at this, love the poem about the wall colours, as I spend the next few weeks painting walls in my house I will think of your words.

Anonymous said...

Happy amazingly Pink Saturday! That is amazing. The verses are wonderful! Enjoyed my pink visit. Happy Pinks! Jenn