Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In The Process

'knead, melt, cleanse'

If I take a ball of plasticine and knead it with my hand
It can take on a different shape, a new one I have planned.
And if I'm disenchanted with the shape I've now produced,
I can try repeatedly, till a new form's introduced.
To Nature, Earth is plasticine, reformable and plastic;
Experiments from eras past seem incredibly fantastic.
Try an Ice-Age form, then melt the snows, allowing something green;
Cleanse the earth of dinosaurs; let some other shape be seen.
And is the Earth a boring shape? Allow it to crack and crease.
Knead it, knead it, more and more. The changes never cease.
As for the little midgets, that think they are so grand,
They are less than nothing when they're held in Nature's hand.
And should they  slip between the cracks and get buried in the mass
There will be no-one to notice it and utter a last 'Alas!'


Imagine it!
There you are,
Mooching along in Space,
When you suddenly start to
Too late you realise that
Like a piece of string,
Being sucked down a plug-hole,
You are entering
A Black Hole!
You are reaching
The Event Horizon!
You start to disintegrate!
This is it!
The Singularity!
'The Point of no Return!'
'Abandon hope
All ye who enter here!'
Nothing can escape
A Black Hole!
Not even Light!
(That's why it's Black!)
Once upon a time,
Your Black Hole was a Star!
It had a gravitational pull,
Like our Earth.
Then it collapsed!
It's gravity turned on it!
It sucked in and in and in,
Until nothing was left
But a dot!
But a dot with the gravitational pull
Of a Star!
And now it's gotcha!
This is the stuff of nightmares!
'Sucked In!'
You've heard that cry?
This is it!
But, fear not.
Our Sun is too minor
To behave this way.
Earth is safe too.
Looked at it that way
It's good fun!
Isn't it?


Unknown said...

Must this be how THE CREATOR feels?

VL Sheridan said...

Yes, I think mother nature needs us less and less. Lovely poem.

Altonian said...

Wonderfully entertaining, and thought provoking pieces. It is always a joy to come and read your offerings, and then go away feeling somewhat envious.

Anonymous said...

Wow, great work.

Sheilagh Lee said...

Wow these are so deep and show exactly how it feels to create anything.

Old Egg said...

Well these two poems certainly put us in our place! It is good to be reminded that that us tiny creatures are not in charge. Very fine work indeed.

Ren said...

Well done, indeed :)

shail said...

Loved both of them. Very well written :)

PJD said...

Ha ha! Enchanting poem about the Earth, with a very, very clever use of the words.

The black hole one is fun, too, but too many exclamation points for my taste.

earlybird said...

Really interesting response to the prompt.

dolorah said...

Nice imagery for earth day.


Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


Your words were certainly food for thought.
Life is perhaps not so bad on earth after all!!

Judy Roney said...

This is wonderful. I love the images and the power, or lack of it in our midget ways. :) What a unique way of looking at things. Love this!